Tabatha Davis

Tabatha Davis is the Operations Manager for the Co-LEAD Response Team. In her current role, she works with the Deputy Director to support the program needs, staff and participants. She brings over 20 years of administrative, leadership and operations experience to PDA. 


Prior to joining PDA, Tabatha was the Director for a national media company, overseeing their operations in 8 states. Tabatha earned her B.A. with an emphasis on Leadership from Capella University. Outside of work, you can find Tabatha looking for new restaurants to try, enjoying a good book or on her way to the movies.

Stasha Espinosa

Stasha Espinosa is a contracted Shift Lead, Outreach Responder for Co-LEAD Response Team. As the daughter of a retired disabled veteran and a Filipina immigrant, Stasha understands that socioeconomic systems work best when they are adaptive to the unique identities and needs of the communities that they are designed to serve. This understanding led her to a career in public service, including as a specialist in veteran health policy, minority women initiatives, and community outreach for the United States Congress, the Washington State Legislature, and other government agencies. 


As a cancer survivor, Stasha is a dedicated champion for public health programs that provide culturally informed and comprehensive care. She has led advocacy projects to improve multilingual access to care for the Veterans Administration and defense of the Affordable Care Act for King County. Most recently, she worked as a crisis and systems consultant helping entities and communities navigate through challenge and towards shared goals. Stasha is an avid international traveler and is eagerly looking forward to crossing off her last continent (Antarctica) when the COVID19 pandemic subsides. When stateside— she spends her time in Bremerton and San Diego.

Tobias Gurl

Tobias Gurl is an Outreach Responder for the Co-LEAD Response Team. He grew up in Madison, WI, the State with the world's greatest cheese and sixty percent of the country's cranberry harvest. He earned his B.A. in Health and Society at Beloit College in Beloit, WI, with a focus in Health and Law and a minor in Political Science. He’s worked in a variety of public service fields including LGBTQ and tenant advocacy, and he’s proud to bring his breadth of experience to the Co-LEAD program. In his spare time he creates fractal art using metallic pens and LARPs (live-action roleplaying), which means that he enjoys running around pretending to be a werewolf with a bunch of other nerds, just like he did when he was five (except with more rules and better costumes). His rough collie, Winston, is the goodest girl in the whole world, oh yes she is, yes she is.

Jordan Haselnaus

Jordan is an Outreach Responder for the Co-LEAD team. Since moving to Seattle in 2014, Jordan has worked in public service as a case manager with people experiencing homelessness, as an affordable housing community engagement coordinator, and as a public safety project coordinator. She graduated from the University of Washington in 2018, with a Master's in Social Work focused on community-centered practice.


Outside of work, Jordan spends time with The Service Board, a youth-led social justice and snowboarding program. You can also catch her playing pick-up soccer, or going on long walks around the city.

Ramon Hernandez

Ramon Hernandez is a Co-LEAD Intensive Outreach Responder for the Public Defender Association in Seattle, Washington. Ramon’s role involves assisting system impacted individuals by helping them adjust and adhere to the shelter in place order. This assistance includes, but is not limited to providing outreach services, determining survival needs, and coordinating healthcare consultations.


Prior to becoming an Intensive Outreach Responder, Ramon has been a member of Civil Survival, Seattle Central’s Prison Education and Re-entry group and Pathways to the UW

Campus for System Impacted Students. He is an advocate for men and women that have been impacted by the criminal justice system. He continues to work to create space and access for men and women at institutions of higher learning and advocates for restoring the voting rights of formerly incarcerated men and women who have been disenfranchised. Ramon believes that speaking on the behalf of these individuals will help others understand the importance of them having a voice and engaging civically.


Ramon is passionate about helping those who do not have a voice. His goal is to help repair what he considers to be a fractured justice system. Ramon is pursuing a career where he cannot only help change the broken parts of the current legal system, but also where he can advocate for systemic change so that men and women are afforded a fair trial and equal representation regardless of their background or financial access. Ramon wants to be a voice for the underrepresented and the disenfranchised so that they may have a fighting chance against a system that is set up against them.


When he is not working, Ramon is taking courses at the University of Washington, Seattle. He is a graduating senior pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Law, Societies and Justice. After graduation, Ramon aims to pursue a law degree. Ramon enjoys spending his free time perfecting his photography and videography skills. Additionally, he enjoys watching movies, going for runs, biking, exercising and spending time with his fiancé and loved ones. From being in foster care as a child to being a system impacted individual himself, Ramon has traveled a long journey to get where he is today.

Terique Scott

Terique Scott is an Outreach Responder for the Co-LEAD Response Team. Prior to joining PDA, Terique was the Outreach Director for Balance Our Tax Code. While there, Terique spent most of his time spreading awareness about the tax inequality between those who are considered low income and the wealthiest in the state of Washington.


Terique is passionate about politics and the process by which the great democracy we live in works.  Terique has been a Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board Member, a Belltown Community Council Board Member, and a 2016 graduate of the People’s Academy for Community Engagement (PACE), a program that supports and trains community members on how to be an effective civic activist and leader. 


Terique's free time is filled with exploring Washington trails, rowing, playing flag football, and bike riding.

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